Sunday, June 21, 2009

You have brought music to my life (litteral)

Of course, I have to take time to say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and I LOVE YOU, DADDY! I'm sure most of you are expecting a post about Bahia and Dan's perfect wedding, and that will come soon :) Certainly a post is about to come about my AWESOME 28th birthday spent with the lovely Dodie who is currently en route to Maryland to be with me.

Instead of waxing poetic on any of those sweet subjects, I would like to take some time to talk about my new boyfriend, Firehock (the rest will come later). CF and I have been having a grand old time getting to know each other and boy am I glad that we met. He is a real man and welcomes me with patience and compassion just like I am. He has the heart of gold and lots and lots of soul. Looking into his eyes is like reading an epic poem in one glance. I'm really thankful that I have good advice around me and am willing to not play the fear tactic ploys that have kept me from giving my heart openly in the past. It is so scary, but he meets my fear with acceptance, understanding and support -- not defensiveness.

I mention music in the subject not just for the cliche of floating on air and hearing music when I think about my new man. CF is a drummer (whoot!) and a great admirer of music. I love great music as well but definitely need a tour guide out there. We've had a lot of fun recently sharing music with each other and going to see shows. He planned a date night and we caught local group Arbouretum Arbouretum, June 4, 2009 part 1 . They have an original sound and were joined by Meg Baird for a very angelic sound in the mix.
We then went that Saturday to StarScape, an electronic music festival that my friend DJ Jay Selway invited me to. We danced like crazy and hung out with the Selways and enjoyed the moonrise there. I especially liked hearing Jay's set and all of the people watching (soooooooo not a raver myself!!).
THEN, the next Monday, we spontaneously caught the Andrew Bird/The Decemberists show at Merriweather. We walked up after the beginning of the show and asked for 'best available' and we got front row seats :):):) The Decemberists are a top favorite for CF and the show was very theatrical and something not to miss: also earnest and mystical.

Anyways, it has been such a lovely experience so far and not just for the cool concert tix. We are so sweetly compatible and happy. PUKE!

Congrats, Bahia and Dan!!!!! Love you and will write about your lovely union soon. Happy anniversary Wesolowskis and happy birthday Norah.


J. Bahia said...

Go Firehawk!

Liza said...

This post makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

Electronic music sucks!! You call yourself a fan of good music?

Your Dad said...

Thanks for the father's day wish, it was good to talk to you Sunday!Love Dad

akevandervelden said...

So happy to read this, Martha.
Miss you!

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