Monday, August 10, 2009

Bahia & Dan June 13 2009

Bahia & Dan, originally uploaded by liza-bean.

My Bahia, my love. I never imagined that I would share a love as deep, and as true, as with you.
In a note you once wrote to me, you said that loving me made you feel complete. When I read that, I couldn't remember feeling happier. Knowing that I was that crucial puzzle piece in your life made me feel like my puzzle had finally come together as well.
You have brought an indescribable sweetness and joy to each of our days together. It's difficult to think of where I would be right now without you.
Bahia, I long to see you smile, to hear you laugh, and to look into your eyes. I wait patiently to come home to you at the end of the day with the anticipation of a sailor out to sea, dreaming of coming home to his family.
I've cherished every moment we've spent together. Whether it be our last breath of wakefulness, or the first spark of morning, when we find each others cheerful eyes meeting one another yet again.
We've built a love which has withstood more than its share of distance and complication, only to emerge stronger and more beautiful than anything else I have ever known.
It was once written that "happiness is the longing for repetition." I think we both know exactly what that means.
My Bahia, my love, you are the answer to so many dreams I never dared to dream.
You are the bright, brilliant, light of my life.

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