Sunday, November 01, 2009

five year anniversary

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November marks the 5 year anniversary of keeping a blog. One thing that I like to do at the beginning of each month is hit the archive area of my blog and see what posts I've made this same month in previous years. The blog has always been a way for me to journal and record as much as a published place for friends to stay in touch. It is fun for me to do a same/different comparison of my situation 5 years ago when I started the blog compared to author missmartha's life in November 2009. Some details:
Living in Chicago ---> Living in Baltimore
4 roommates ---> 1 roommate
Living in so-so hood, recently mugged on street ---> Roommate recently mugged in foyer
Closet that isn't big enough to properly hang clothing ---> ditto
$320 rent ---> $500 rent
Recently started working for "snail soap rope" ---> today is 3 y anniversary at "alpha indigo papa tango"
Thankful for employment after moving to the city unemployed ---> Thankful for employment in economic crisis and through layoffs
Work with wonderful people, sustained ---> ditto
1.5 hour commute via public transportation --> 30 min. commute via car (miss public option)
Live near B in Chicago, the rest of the family is in Champaign ---> Family split between Champaign and SF Bay area. I'm here on the east coast
In love with D, just spent a blissful first summer together. Kinda bringing my own depression and disfunction into the relationship ---> In love with C, just spent a blissful first summer together. Constantly astounded by the stable sanity that we both bring to the partnership.
Trying to figure out what to do next with my life --> ditto
Feeling financially insecure ---> ditto
Feeling blessed for all that I receive ---> ditto
Confused about religious identity ---> clarity and closeness to God
Halloween costume: Sailor ---> Halloween costume: Zebra
Interested by marriage. Curiously watching friends start this part of their life ---> more interested in healthy partnership. No longer buying the marriage fairytale.
Often too tired to post as much as I would like ---> ditto
Healthy ---> ditto

What happened in between the two? Some of it is on this blog. Much of it will fade with time. It has all been glorious or pathetic. I'm very thankful for the good people and good luck in my life. I feel a certain malaise when faced with the thought of "is this as good as it gets??" I write, I heal, I celebrate. I hope to go 5 more years and CAN NOT image the major shifts to occur during that period.

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