Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BIG news

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October 2006 I started a blog post with the words "I am sorry if you are learning about this via blog". Here I am again with big news for the blog-o-sphere! I am moving to San Francisco in a bit over a month, leaving my sweet Charm City. As most readers know, I will be able to end the bi-coastal Quinlan family experience with this move and be close to Bahia, Dan and Munirih. I will also have the opportunity to (I imagine) live out a lot of my 30x30 goals such as: not commuting to work via car, being able to get fresh produce on foot, knowing my sisters as they are...
Deciding to move was to date the hardest decision of my life. Chris has never lived outside of MD and his family is 3.5 hours away. We love them. I've built amazing community here and am sad to leave Melanie, Jay, Chuck, Erin, Megan, Carol, Debbie, Ruth, the Ruiz family, Emily... I'll miss all the good memories with all of the interns at work. My life has been enriched.
I'm excited about a new challenge at work and fire in my belly to reach specific goals. I'm also excited to start my new life with Chris. What a monumental start to our life together, starting with a cross-country road trip! The preparations are stressful now but all seems achievable with my calm, collected partner by my side.
Prayer requests: find someone to rent my apartment, find a beautiful and peaceful new home in SF, a job in SF for Chris, financial stability, peace and no regrets, new community in SF and success in my new position. THANKS!!!

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Katie said...

I am PROUD of you! Also, isn't it amazing how life can take us places we never expected? Lastly, we are all so excited that you will be closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait. :)

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