Wednesday, March 31, 2010

greetings from SF

martha mosaic stairs, originally uploaded by missmartha.

I've been here for two months now. Oh, that reminds me that rent is due tomorrow. Here are some reflections about my new life.

I'm living in Inner Sunset. It is a nice neighborhood, more residential than the east side but not completely removed from hipness. It suits me! In my hood there is every type of ethnic food you could ever dream of and it is all really affordable and gooood. Highlights have been the Persian restaurant, Lavash, and the best Thai I have had in a minute at Marnee Thai. Chris and I love the corner market, Parks. A bag of avocados for a dollar? Yes, please! I also get really excited that I can walk to golden gate park (four blocks away). It is a good spot for jogging and also a great place to picnic in the sun and people watch. The other crowned jewel of the neighborhood is the sweet community garden at the foot of our street. I mean FOOT because we live on steep Mt. Sutro.

The apartment is a good fit for now, just enough room (read: packed to the gills but everything fits) and awesome afternoon sun as the sun sets. On a clear day, we see the Pacific in all of its tranquil glory from the balcony :) Living with Benny, Chris' cat, is going very well. It's odd how in check my allergies have been -- I'm so amazed and thankful.

I am working from home and this is going well. I like the flexibility and I love the commute :) I feel productive and focused during the day and never feel bored or at a loss for what to do next (that was a great fear). Little distractions do creep in, but I consider this part of any work day. I feel lucky and work is going well as I slowly build up my client base and get in the groove.

The biggest challenges have been health and making friends. I somehow let myself bulk up over the winter and need to be very diligent about exercise and diet to get back to my healthier weight. No fun! I miss Zumba. As for making friends, I need to be diligent in this, too! On an average day, I meet zero people! Oh, the investment!

This picture is of me at the foot of the mosaic stairwell up to Grandview park in my neighborhood. Chris took it after treating me to a lovely valentine's day celebration in the park (Japanese tea garden tour and paddle boats!!). We climbed to the top and arrived just as the fog rolled in. Photos of that day, the apartment and other various are on flickr. I'll be putting up shots from my parent's visit and our drive down EPIC Pacific route 1 soon.

Come visit!

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