Monday, March 15, 2010

Things I will miss very much in Baltimore

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I want to blog a bit about my cross country road trip and winter in San Francisco, but before I move on, I have to make a little list of the things that I will (and Do) miss from the 3 years that I lived in Maryland. I love Baltimore and people that don't have never see it through my eyes!

~ American Visionary Art Museum=best museum ever
~ Bolton Hill, my hood
~ My spacious, gorgeous apartment on Eutaw
~ Runs in the hood and to Druid Hill Park
~ The Helmand
~ Woodberry Kitchen
~ Miss Shirley's!!! ---> lots of good food, I'm forgetting some places...
~ The Charles
~ Mount Vernon
~ Ma Petite Shoe in Hamden
~ Being close to DC, Philly, NYC
~ Spending time with Emily
~ Weekend trips to Staunton
~ Weekend trips to North Carolina
~ The Book Thing
~ Sunday morning farmer's market (church!!)
~ ZUMBA and the best ZUMBA familia at Columbia Association
~ Camden Yards
~ My beloved Ravens
~ Brewer's Art
~ Chuck and Erin
~ Babysitting the Ruiz boys
~ The Columbia Mall j/k

These were some great years...but I can say with joy that I don't regret moving. I promise to blog more about life in Cali asap.

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