Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chicago trip!

Logan theatre, originally uploaded by missmartha.

I'm a bit behind on posting.... oops! I have a much overdue post to write about my awesome visit to Chicago. I put it on my Mondo Beyondo list that I wanted to spend 10 days in Chicago this summer UND I did it! What a blessing to work from home! My boss allowed me to work part time during my visit to stay in touch with my work/clients and to enjoy a nice long visit home. Usually when I go to chicago, I have to race home to C-U or pack everything into a weekend, so this was great.
I arrived late on Thursday and went directly to Desi's house. It was so great to see her :) She cooked for me and taught me how to make Mojitos. It was great chatting with her and having some girlfriend time right off. Friday I worked a half day and then checked out Desi's neighborhood (Edgewater)... I hadn't really spent any time there before, it is great! I went to the beach and relaxed and read. That night Vladimir drove in and we went to dinner and out dancing. I had a GREAT time and thank god Vladimir was there to get me home safely :) It is too rarely that I go out dancing anymore.
Saturday Liza came into town and we went out to brunch and then to Wicker Park for some window shopping. WOW, the neighborhood has changed a lot in 3 years... I was very nostalgic being back but also surprised by new chain store sightings. That night Desi made homemade pizza the was Michaela taught her dough and all. I said my favorite is olives, green peppers and mushrooms, so that is what I got :)
Saturday morning Dory arrived to ORD from her semester in India, awesome coincidence!!!! I went to pick her up at an ungodly hour and we drove to Logan Square. Nostalgia attack!!! After walking around my hood, we took a short nap and waited for Lula Cafe to open at 9AM hahaha. After brunch we took another nap and then went back to ORD to get my mom who was flying in from her anniversary trip to Hawaii. We drove to Grandma's and spent a nice afternoon with her. We all tested Grandma's new mattress during a viewing of Crazy Heart.
Monday I met up with Ake and Dimi who just HAPPENED to be in town from Belgium that week. whoo hoo! We went to the apple store to get them a second iPad and then out to Oak Park for some FLW geekery. It was great to see Ake and meet Dimi, what a great couple. I'm only sad that I misunderstood and Lorraine and I didn't meet up for another Belgium reunion.
Monday night I headed out to Tinley Park to spend some time with my cousin Maria and her family. It was great to see my Aunt Mary and my godkids :) So many cute Reagan and Ricky stories!! We had TWO sleepover parties and spent the day together on Tuesday. I'm really sad to live so far from them and am happy we could have some play time. They are both really creative and happy kids and I love them so much.
Wednesday I met up with Megan. We realized that it had been a few years since we saw each other which is CRAZY because it really felt like no time had passed. I guess that is how it is when your girlfriend is so good at keeping in touch :) I wanted her to meet Desi, so we got together and went out to eat in Wrigleyville. Nice girls night.
Thursday I went to work with Desi (awesome organization, I am so happy for her!) and then we went back to her place where she cooked BANGIN' risotto for me, her co-worker and Liza. OMG that was a good meal. Afterwards, we went out to Green Mill for the infamous swing night. Desi said that she was pleasantly surprised by how awesome it was and I was happy that she enjoyed being introduced to this treasure just a few train stops away from her house.
Friday I met up with my aunt Ellen for dinner and a jazz concert. That was SUCH a treat because I have never been to Symphony Center and the show was fabulous ( -- she didn't know that Dizzy Gillespie is the reason I took up trumpet!!). Very hot jazz and I got turned on to some new artists to look out for.
Saturday Desi, Vladimir and I met up with Rebecca for brunch (yay for seeing her twice in 2 months!) and then walked up Michigan for epic window shopping...and I got to taste my beloved juice from Brian's. That evening I hung out with Chris and Megan. We walked to sushi in their neighborhood and DQ. I love them tons!
Sunday Megan and Chris were nice enough to drive me up to Evanston where I hung out with Liza and bebe Liam. It was a BEAUTIFUL HOT DAY and I was very sad that it was my last day. Liam is at a very cute age and is still the super social guy from other visits. I liked playing with his camera with him and tasting cooking club creations a la Liza. My last visit was to Aunt Ellen's for a BBQ with the Lindsey crew. The whole crew! I got to meet baby Quinn for the first time and died with everyone else over Aunt Ellen's killer Rhubarb Pie....
Well, I know this is a lot, but it really was all of this and more in 10 days! I love Chicago and all of my Chicago people and I can't wait for my next visit. I'm really sad to be missing summertime Chi, especially as I freeze in the foggy chill that is San Francisco in June. bleah.


akevandervelden said...

Oh, don't say that 'second iPad' thing.
I feel so spoiled already:(

I had a blast in Chicago, it was wonderful to see you, see Dimi so relaxed. Our trip was way too short.

Aenea liked your picture, she wants to meet you!
She knows you speak the language of Pokémon (we only find English versions on the net) and thinks you are so cool because of that ;-)

missmartha said...

AKE it was sooooo great to see you and yes it was too short! I am so happy for you and your family your life just seems sweet. I reaaaaaalllly want to meet Aenea, so next time it will have to be a California trip, OK? Love you tons!

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